Foam Calculator

At our custom built workshop, we provide our customers with a foam & fibre replacement service second to none. Should you require a new seat or back cushions, we can supply you this service at a very reasonable cost, anywhere in the UK with free delivery.

All seat foams are Dacron wrapped to give that extra comfort, or we can even supply cushions with memory foam tops to give the ultimate comfort in any size cushion.

More and more sofa are made with fibre backs and seats, and occasionally drop or sag over time. All these can be replaced and we manufacture these at our factory to fit any size price which can be worked out on our foam cost calculator below.

All foam & fibre fillings are fully fire retardant and meet strict UK regulations for a quick quote use our calculator to work our prices on seat and back foams.

Please click on the below images and enter dimensions for an estimate on your foam

L-shaped Depth:
Foam Density:

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